Website Update

Well here I am again, rebuilding this site again!  Our Contact Management System (Drupal) was found to have an extremely serious security breach that required an immediate upgrade to a new version.  Unfortunately, I fumbled the upgrade and lost everything I had done in the last month.  Normally there aren't that many changes in a month, but this last month saw a ton of new members, vessel information updates, and rendezvous news.  In short, the timing couldn't have been worse!

Anyway, I have restored the site to the point of having the Rendezvous notice and list of attending boats in place, but very little else.  The rest will come when I have more time following the rendezvous.

I still have most vessel information and photos, but if you sent in new photos during April I probably lost them -- please resubmit them.  If you joined the site, your membership particulars have not yet been reinstated, but will be following the rendezvous. Please don't bother trying to login until then.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  I am taking a much more proactive approach to backups and security now, so am confident this will be the last time I have to deal with such a major crash!

Rick Etsell, Willard Boats website.