The Willard Vega 36

Vega Marine LogoThe Willard Vega 36 was designed by Bill Garden and introduced in 1961.  Production ran until 1970.  39 hulls were produced during those 9 years with hull numbers from 1 to 40.  Hull number 13 was not used. The series included a standard sedan style "Custom Cruiser" with flying bridge (28 built), a North Sea inspired Aft Pilothouse model (6 built), a motorsailer version, and one full sailing version.

Original Vega 36 plans drawn by William Garden (his Design No. 437) are in the Collection at Mystic Seaport Museum, Catalog #96.355 - Design #437, and copies may be purchased through them.

Note: Hull Numbers from 1 to 25 were built by Vega Marine Corporation and marketed as the "Vega 36", with actual construction subcontracted to Willard Marine.  Hulls 26 on were then built by Willard as the "Willard Vega 36."