The Willard Vega 40

Vega 40 (1973-1977)

The Vega 40 was introduced in 1973 as a larger replacement for the Vega 36. The layout is somewhat similar to the Vega 36 layout, with the addition of a second stateroom and two heads.  This boat was in production for 4 years until 1977, and included three versions - Nomad, Voyager, and Motorsailer.

Willard 40 (1977-2003)

The 'new' Willard 40 was introduced in 1977 and continued until 2003.  This model is very similar to the Vega 40 except that the superstructure is solid fiberglass produced from a mold and the saloon is no longer 'wide body, but includes side deck walkarounds.  18 boats have been launched since the introduction.  Two versions were produced, Flybridge Sedan and Pilothouse. The W40FS is a 'flybridge sedan' style.  This version is the 'new' Vega 40 Nomad model with many updated features.  13 hulls have been launched.

Note: The "Old" W40 was designated "400" in their HIN's, while the "New" W40 used "404".  The final serial number for the old version was hull #10, then the new version started with hull #20.  There were no hulls 11-19.

hulls 11-19.