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Welcome to the WOG Forum!  It was started in response to the closing of the Yahoo Groups email list in late Octoaber, 2019.  Although a replacement email list has been established for preserving and continuing the list, the idea here is to actually "own" our forum.  That is, all postings belong to us, can be archived and backed-up by us, etc., so that we are not beholden to anyone.  The forum can be moved to other servers if necessary, etc.

In addition, it is hoped that this new format will be more useful to existing members as well as new members wanting to search through the archives for answers to their questions.  By implementing categories of forums, it should be easier to sift through to the information desired.  Of course, there is also a general "Search" box which will check the entire site for anything. We have also organizied the files, photos, and boat information, which is also searchable.

Anyway, I hope it works for folks.