Willard Boats

Willards - the first production trawler yachts!

Willard Marine was founded in 1957 to build custom fiberglass yachts. Its first trawler yacht, the Willard 36, was launched in 1961--three years before the first Grand Banks, 10 years before the first Marine Trader, and 28 years before the first Nordhavn.

The William Garden designed Vega 36 was sold primarily as a sedan flying bridge cruiser, but also as a motorsailer and a pilothouse North Sea Trawler style. Until 1977 the term "Vega" was used to denote the hull style. It does not identify a model. (More about William Garden and the Vega 36.)

A wide range of 30 and 40-foot models were added to the line in the 70's and 80's. Although never intended as luxury yachts, it is a testament to the line that so many of them are still around, and are highly sought after by knowledgeable boaters looking for tough, comfortable, dependable boats. 

Willard ceased pleasure boat manufacturing around 2003, to focus on military and commercial vessel sales. ["End of an Era" Press Release]