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willard rendezvousThanks for registering to attend the 2019 Willard Rendezvous in Friday Harbor!  Please fill out the form below to reserve your place.  If you are not bringing your boat, you can still use this form so that we'll have name tags for you.


Current name of the boat -- Enter the name here even if you are coming by land and not bringing the boat. If no boat, skip to the Participant Section below.
For moorage -- including overhangs.


Enter names as you want them to appear on nametags. (Note: if more than 4, add them into the Additional Info field below.)
This will not be posted or shared with anyone.
Confirm that you would like your email used as a login ID at If Yes, then it will be associated with your boat page, allowing you to edit the text there or upload photos, etc. It will not be publicly displayed on the site anywhere. Yes is the default, i.e. Willard Owners are registered as members of the Willard Owners Group by default, but if you prefer to not be a member then select "No" here.
Please give us a cell phone number that you'll have while traveling to the rendezvous.

Arrival & Departure Info:

Click on the Preview button below to confirm your registration.  Use the site Contact form for any further questions.

Thank You -- We'll See You There!!