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Willard burgeeNOTICE: New Member Applications are disabled in July and August for cruising season.  Exceptions may be possible - email

Please Read:

  • Owners of Willard boats are welcome to request a membership account on this site. 
  • Owner accounts allow members to edit their own boat pages, participate in forum postings, and to contact other owners through member contact forms.
  • Non-Willard owners may also request accounts, but are limited to forum postings only.
  • Forum postings on this site are for specific questions about boat identification, model designations, hull numbers, boats for sale, etc.  For general interest postings, please use the Yahoo Willard Group. (The Yahoo group can be accessed from the main menu, above.)
  • All accounts must be approved by the admin, so please allow several days.(Sometimes I do go boating!)
  • It is recommended to use your boat name as your user name.
  • Your email address is required for membership but will not be displayed on the site. Members may be able to contact you through a contact form, but will not see your email address.
  • Site is owned, maintained, and moderated by Pacific Motor Boat Design, and has no affiliation with Willard Marine Inc. 
  • There are no dues for membership in the Willard Owners Group -- if you own a Willard, then you are a Member!  This site and associated Rendezvous are all self supporting through donations from members. 

Note: To be approved, you either need to provide your boat name and Willard model designation, or else include a statement of your interest in joining the group.  

If you have read and understand the above, and want to request an account, click here.

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