2012 Rendezvous

Held in La Conner, Wa., May of 2012, this was the first of the annual rendezvous held in this area. The video below was filmed on Saturday, and a parade of boats was quite a sight on Sunday.

Willards under the Rainbow BridgeCommemorative mugs, 2012 rendezvous

2012 Rendezvous Attendees

Found: 10 boats attended.
1991 W40 FBS
Home Port: Bainbridge I. WA
1983 W40 -Other
Home Port: La Conner, WA
1977 W30 FBS Mk IV
Home Port: LaConner
1981 W40 -Other
Home Port: Vancouver, BC
1974 Vega 40 Nomad
Home Port: NW
1981 W40 FBS
Home Port: Edmonds, WA
1966 Vega 36 Pilot House
Home Port: Everett
1963 Vega 36 Std
Home Port: La Conner, WA
1973 Vega 30 Voyager
Home Port: Vancouver, WA
1974 Vega 30 Nomad
Home Port: Anacortes, WA