Rendezvous 2020

2020 Willard Rendezvous - Friday Harbor
- Canceled for 2020!

Friday harbor

The 2020 Willard Rendezvous will NOT take place May 8-10, 2020, in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington. 

Friday Harbor is a delightful spot for the rendezvous, with numerous facilities, and good land access (by walk-on or drive-on ferry from Anacortes or Sidney, BC). Early May is still the "shoulder" season, and moorage is plentiful (and reduced in price from the summer season.) Friday Harbor is also an easy run from ports in the Gulf Islands, so our hope is more of our Canadian friends will be able to make it.


  • When:  Arrive any time, even days before if desired.  Plenty of moorage space this time of year.  Most will plan to arrive by Friday afternoon.  A Friday evening Welcome Party will be held at the San Juan Island Yacht Club.
  • Where: Port of Friday Harbor Marina, G-Dock. (Marina Map) We will be grouped together at the end of G-Dock, with no specific slip assignments. You can just pull into an empty slip, or call the marina on VHF 66 (US) for directions. (Please do not call the marina until you are in the harbor standing off the breakwater.) Other Willard-ites will also be monitoring VHF66, and will be ready to help you land if needed.
  • What: What to do?? Plenty!!
    • Friday evening Welcome Party at the beautiful San Juan Island Yacht club. (Thanks SJIYC!!)
    • Saturday donuts and coffee, noon-ish progressive boat tours, afternoon activities ashore, and Evening dock party (with sea stories!)
    • Sunday donuts and coffee, many departing early or mid day. (No firm check-out time this time of year.) Some stay over Sunday night.
  • Why: Are you kidding? Because it's fun to get together with other folks crazy enough to take care of these tired old trawlers!!  It's also a great way to start off the cruising season. And BTW, don't hold back because "the boat's not ready" -- make sure it's seaworthy of course, but the cosmetic work can wait!  Come to the rendezvous and use the time to work up your spring work list!
  • Cost: 
    • Moorage is still at the off-season rate of $0.95/foot per day. Electricity is $0.10/ft/day for 30-amp, or $0.30/ft/day for 50-amp. There is no reservation fee.
    • The Willard Owner's Group (this website), asks for a $25 per boat donation to help cover the cost of party items, donuts & coffee, etc. Any extra helps to pay for the website too. You can donate online here, or in person at the event.
  • Next Step: Please RSVP by filling out the Rendezvous Form Here (form to be enabled in April 2021). You should NOT contact the marina for a reservation -- we will take care of it if you fill out the form. (Also FYI, there is no penalty if you RSVP on the form but then can't make it, so please fill it out if you are thinking of coming.)  You will pay for your moorage at the marina office after you arrive.

Thank You!!