New Willard boat keeper.

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Good day everyone, I am proud to be part of the WOG group, and the owner of the 1973 30' Searcher, Molly Dog, currently in Stockton , Ca. We completed the purchase an have begun the process of getting to know the vessel. There are allot of projects ahead of me, first of all learning how to maneuver the boat in and around the harbor and local water ways. I have solicited the assistance of the local San Joaquin Power Squadron trainer to provide on boat pilot training for my wife and I. I will let you know how that goes. I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge that is kept within the many years of posted communication in the WOG website. I will enjoy researching all of it.

i do have my first question, this boat has a switched bilge pump that pulls from the sump area in the stern, along with a manual whale pump. However it does not have an automatic bilge pump and appears to never have had one installed. First, why would they elect to have only this set up, two where would the proper placement be for an automatic bilge and how would you tie in the existing drain lines without a new thru hull?

This vessel has gone through many keepers, the last vessel names I have been able to identify are Quequeg, Pokey, and currently Molly Dog. If anyone has any further information I would appreciate learning more about this vessel.

i will upload addition pictures in the future.


Molly Dog

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Hi Les -- Welcome to the group, and congratulations on acquiring Molly Dog!  This forum is not very active (and probably soon to be discontinued.) The best place for questions like these are on the Willard Boat Owners group,

Regarding the bilge pumps, the aft sump area is the lowest point, so sounds like your powered pump is in the right place.  Also, can you confirm that the pump is not an automatic pump? If it has a float switch attached to it, then it may be that the single switch is to be left on all the time. Usually they are wired up so you can override the float switch to force the pump on, in which case the switch would have three positions, off-on-auto.  But just because it only has on-off doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't come on from a float switch.

Anyway, enjoy the boat! I bet it will be perfect for rambling around in the tullies!